Full Service Fire Sprinkler Protection


Sho-Me Fire Protection is unique in our consultation process. We don’t just say how we are going to design the system and what should be done; we listen to what clients want. Our ability to help clients understand which fire sprinkler system meets their needs allow us to keep costs to our clients down and makes for a smoother construction process. Our preconstruction assistance can help develop a clear scope for a job and help designate which fire sprinkler system is the proper system for a given project.

  • We assist in developing budgets.
  • Code analysis
  • Occupancy and storage classifications
  • Design criteria
  • Water flow analysis

Engineering & Design

Great projects start with great ideas and even better design. Sho-Me Fire Protection utilizes the latest in fire sprinkler design software to design systems that fit with other trades and best compliments each building’s design.

Our three dimensional (3D) and BIM Technology capabilities allow us virtually walk thru, analyze, coordinate a building before it is ever built. This cutting edge technology and the knowledge of how to best utilize it makes Sho-Me Fire Protection one of the leading fire sprinkler design firms in the Midwest.


Sho-Me Fire Protection has installed new fire sprinkler systems in almost every application imaginable. Whether it’s a high rise hospital, industrial plant, warehouse, apartment complexes, or existing buildings, we have the experience, staff, and ability to install your system on time and on budget.

Sho-Me Fire Protection works with the architects, engineers, contractors, and owners to ensure the systems not only protect the lives and property but also fit with the architecture and aesthetics of the building.


Superior customer service cannot be achieved without being able to be prompt and fast. Sho-Me Fire Protection operates our own fully stocked fabrication facility. Having our fabrication in-house allows for shorter turn around times, deliveries when we want them and a more seamless job process for our clients.

Inspection & Testing

Sprinkler systems will protect lives and property but only if they are properly maintained, inspected, and in good working condition. Sho-Me Fire Protection can help make sure your systems are working properly. Sho-Me Fire Protection offers service contracts for all sprinkler systems, fire pumps, backflow preventers, emergency lights and extinguishers.

Sho-Me Fire Protection will provide inspections with the latest NFPA requirements and will provide timely electronic documentation of your systems inspection.

Service, Maintenance, & Repair

Emergencies happen. If your sprinkler system has an emergency or any other problem, Sho-Me Fire Protection should be your first call. Our sprinkler technicians are equipped with fully stocked service vehicles that are ready to respond to any emergency. We will have your system back up and protecting your facility in no time.

If your emergency happens to be during off hours, it is no problem. Sho-Me Fire Protection has an 24 HR Emergency Dispatch to route technicians to your building at even the most inconvenient of times.

Corrosion Solutions

One of the most common issues with sprinkler systems is corrosion. Whether the sprinkler systems are wet, dry, or pre-action, we have seen corrosion in all types of systems. Replacing sprinkler systems in existing buildings can be very costly and disruptive. Sho-Me Fire Protection can provide solutions to prevent, mitigate, and treat corrosion in sprinkler systems. Email us to ask about the many options available.

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