Online Payment Tutorial

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to pay your invoice through our online payment center.

Step 1 – Visit Sho-Me Fire Protection

Great! You’re already here!

Step 2 – Find the Payment Tab

This is where you will go to pay your invoice

Step 3 – Click the Payment Tab

Step 4 – Find your invoice

Here is an example invoice of what your invoice should look like

Step 5 – Find the key elements of your invoice

  • Invoice #
  • Customer Code
  • Invoice Total

Step 6 – Enter Invoice # & Verify Total

Once you have entered your invoice # and verified the total payment amount, proceed to the billing section

Step 7 – Enter Credit Card & Billing Information

Please enter your credit card information along with the billing address for your credit card

Step 8 – Complete Billing Information

Here you will select who the invoice is from, the invoice number, customer code, and email address

Step 9 – Proceed to review page

Here you will review your payment information to make sure everything is correct before you submit

Step 10 – Submit Your Payment

Once everything looks accurate, submit your payment and view your receipt

For questions or help processing a payment, please call our office

(417) 862-5240